Mattress Topper Thickness: Which One Do You Need?

Mattress toppers are ideally designed to supplement the softness, luxury and support features of the existing mattress.

They also come in different thicknesses and since thickness is one of the defining criteria of the best mattress topper for you, it is essential to know what suits you.

Choosing the right thickness is important because it will keep you cradled and comfortable throughout the night. This allows you to get the highest quality of sleep you’ve dreaded to get.

Choosing the right thickness will largely depend on the current state of your mattress together with your personal sleeping habits.

So if you’re feeling confused in making the final decision, our brief guide below will help you find the right topper thickness for your bed.

Most commonly, a mattress topper is available in three basic thicknesses that are;

  • 2 inches thick
  • 3 inches thick
  • 4 inches thick

2 inches thick mattress topper

2-inch thickness is the thinnest topper option you are more likely to come across. This topper is very soft and offers more comfort to your bed. If you want a more luxurious feel, this is the best option to go for.

Furthermore, this mattress topper is good when you are having a new mattress that is offering enough comfort and support but you need to add a little plushness on it. Make sure you find the best memory foam mattress topper.

This is topper is not a good option if you need to get an extra support especially when you are looking for something to cover the indentations on the surface of your mattress.

3 inches thick mattress topper

A 3-inch mattress topper falls on the medium-firm side. Compared to the 2 inches thick topper, this topper provides a perfect balance between comfort and support. It also stands out when it comes to contouring ability.

As a result, this mattress topper will play an important role in relieving pressure and pain around the shoulders, hips, and joints. For this reason, it is considered the best thickness for those who need moderate comfort and great support.

If your mattress has a loosened surface this 3-inch thick, the mattress topper is the best addition. It will enhance the overall comfort and support of your mattress.

4 inches thick mattress topper

A 4-inch thick mattress topper is said to be on the firmer side. It is also considered the maximum thickness a mattress topper can have and anything beyond this becomes a standardized mattress. This mattress is ideal for those individuals whose mattresses are sagging or have many indentations.

One feature of such mattress is that they lack sufficient support. A 4-inch thick mattress topper is helpful in such conditions as it completely covers the mattress providing you a straight and well-adjusted surface that is comfortable to sleep without any body aches.


Because comfort is a relatively subjective matter. The right thickness for you depends more on your comfort needs as well as the condition of your mattress.

If your mattress feels firm and you want to add an extra layer of plushness, then go for a thin topper, about 2 inches thick.

If your bed still provides you good support and is comfortable but you need to enhance its comfort and support, then go for a 3 inches thick topper because it is moderately firm.

Finally, if your bed is saggy, then a 4-inch topper (firm) will offer the required reinforcement. Now you can make the right choice and start sleeping better once again.