Advantages of using closed loop butane extractors

Closed-loop extraction processes vary somewhat depending on the manufacturer. A common design uses a blasting chamber where butane is shot at the cannabis flowers and leaf trim material. This is done within the fully contained and thick walls of the butane extractor. This is done in order to extract the resins and results in a layer of sticky brown or dark yellow fluid that is then put into a vacuum oven so that it can undergo a process known as purging.

Purging is done by depressurizing the oven, thereby creating a vacuum. This vacuum causes the butane to bubble and the unfinished concentrate is pulled until it bursts. The gasses are then removed by the vacuum and captured for reuse. This process removes not only residual solvents, but also most impurities.


The oven is then heated and the product is left for around eight hours in order to allow for any lasting residual traces of butane or other impurities to cook out of the concentrate through evaporation. The BHO is then allowed to cool before either being used.


The use of closed loop butane extractors has increased in popularity for a number of reasons. For one, it is the best, most efficient method for extracting THC. Furthermore, when set up properly, it provides the right amount of safety and control so that one can yield the highest quality products possible.


Additionally, a closed-loop extraction setup provides a much greater degree of safety than open blasting. While proper ventilation is always necessary, closed-loop or not, this process is completely sealed so that no butane escapes into the surrounding environment. Therefore, users avoid filling the room with butane and possibly starting a fire or causing an explosion.


Furthermore, since closed-loop systems prevent butane from escaping it does not evaporate into the air. In fact, some systems offer the ability to recover butane. This allows it to be reused in additional cycles.


Due to increased interface time between the raw marijuana and butane, a more complete extraction is created. This type of BHO extractor also allows for more precise control of temperature and thus leads to fewer plant fats and waxes making it into the solvent. In turn, with less fat and wax to remove, there is no need to “polish” or de-wax.


Finally, many users agree that the most powerful, best flavored, and most beautifully pleasant concentrates have been produced through the use of closed-loop extraction. This is because the vacuum purge removes enough butane so that it could not be considered dangerous to anyone.


Concentrates are not 100 percent legal, even in states where marijuana is. However, regardless of that, the advantages of using closed-loop extraction have created the ability for some states to be able to come up with regulations that will impose industry standards and require the use of closed-loop extraction for the safety of everyone.


If you have never used a butane extractor before, please ask for assistance, read up on it, and do everything possible to educate yourself before you do so.