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Read about the Louisiana Roofing and Gutter company that will never let you down

In a humid and hyperactive climate like Louisiana has, a new roof is not something to consider lightly.  If you own a home in the Baton Rouge area and it is time for a new roof, definitely look into V and V Roofing before you make your final decision.  This company has been established in the community for over 15 years, building roofing, gutters, and associated roof materials for their happy customers.  Roofing in Baton Rouge takes a special touch because of all the different types of crazy weather that blows in.  They understand that getting a new roof is a big expense that should be worth every penny.  That’s why V and V makes roofs that last 40 to 70 years, outlasting the competition by decades because of the metal design, durability, and mode of installation.

Metal roofing lasts so much longer than traditional shingle roofing for several reasons.  The first and obvious reason is that it is sheet metal, not granules glued to a slab.  The type of metal can vary, so the exact nature of the slab can be different.  But metal is still metal and things will slide right off, like snow, rain, and debris from a storm.  Metal is also strong, so damaging winds and hail cause far less disruption than they would on a traditional roof.  And if somehow snow did built up (which never happens), the weight would be held easily by the metal rather than shingles.  Metal roofing is easily installed, making the whole process faster and more cost-effective.  That means that a roof could be replaced or installed as new in one day instead of several, making planning for the weather virtually unnecessary.  Metal roofing is also usually installed with gutters and other metal pieces which last longer as well.  And for those that prefer to have the heat not get trapped in their homes during the summer months, metal allows for more temperature fluctuation.

If all of this sounds appealing, then you should consider having a consultation with V and V Gutters LouisianaRoofing of Baton Rouge.  All things metal are their specialty.  This includes roofing, gutters, and all things sheet metal like chimney caps or overhangs.  V and V’s in-house sheet metal team can handle all things related and can craft custom pieces if needed.  The staff with V and V understand that a new roof is a lifetime investment so it should be the right fit.  Metal roofs can be a bit more expensive than traditional roofs because they last so much longer and are more durable.  So for that reason, with a higher expense, homeowners should felt assured that their choice will pay for itself.  Your mind can be put at ease during your consultation with V and V roofing staff.  They will answer all question, give you an exact estimate, and walk you through the process of the installation.  And once you agree on the style that you want, the installation will be professional and timely and will be done at your best convenience.

If you feel shackled by your glasses, it’s time to look into lasik eye surgery

You are at that point in your life where you have become the commercial.  Your eyes are tired all the time.  They are dried out from allergies and from constantly having your cataract surgerycontacts in.  You don’t like wearing your glasses because they slide off your face and you can’t wear sunglasses outside.   You may even feel like you are shackled to your lenses in one way or another.  You’re at the mercy of your contacts or glasses because you have such poor eyesight.  Taking it a step further – one of your worst fears is getting into a car accident while you are wearing glasses at night and having them shattered in the process. Then there you are, stranded in the dark, injured, and you can’t see what is going on around you.  Ok, maybe that last part was a bit much, but you get the picture.  Glasses can be a nuisance or even downright dangerous to have in some situations.  So what are your options in these days of such wondrous modern technology?

Lasik eye surgery just might be your answer.  Here’s how it works.  Small and precise lasers cut a flap in the outermost layer of the eye, called the cornea.  With the flap open, the inner stromal layer is exposed and its shape can be corrected with another type of laser.  After correction, the outer flap is replaced.  It adheres naturally where it once was, but can take a few weeks to fully heal.  In the meantime, you have corrected vision pretty much over night.  You will have to take care not to let the flap budge while it is healing, so no rubbing of the eyes or allowing anything to touch the eye.  Patients are usually sent him with antibiotic eye drops just in case, to keep any infections at bay.

This procedure has gained popularity so much because of how truly easy it is.  Within just one day you could have perfect 20/20 vision.  If this is an utter dream to you at this point, maybe you should look into whether you are eligible for lasik eye surgery, or something similar.  There could be other options to partially or fully correct your flawed vision depending on what the cause of it is.  Some people experience blurred or poor vision because they have cataracts, astigmatism, or another type of eye disease or condition.  Often if you get treatment and get the condition cleared up, you will have much better vision.  There are several types of corneal surgery, cataract surgery, or glaucoma treatments that can get your vision back up to par.  So the next time you are getting another eye exam or getting some new glasses or contact from your regular ophthalmologist or optometrist, ask them what you could be eligible for.  With all of the available technology out there, chances are there will be a surgery or correction that will leave you better off.  Lasik is the most popular, but you may be a candidate for PRK, so do your research and get those eyes fixed up.

There are corporate and worker levels of advantages with shared office space

There are so many advantages to being involved with a shared office work space that it’s hard to list them all in once place.  All parties involved in this new trend are getting in at the right time and finding themselves a step above the rest.  Those involve workers, employers, corporations, and even commercial real estate brokers.

From a corporate standpoint, a virtual office or shared space office does not incur the same amount and type of costs that a traditional leased office does.  Especially with virtual offices, there is no landscaping to maintain or elevators to inspect, no furniture to dust or carpets to vacuum.  Also, certain employment expenses like insurance are lower or nonexistent because most employees are freelance or independent contractors.  From the viewpoint of the commercial real estate broker, sometimes the space required for a shared office is larger than normal, but the amenities that are involved attract much more workers, which makes the costs even out.

Speaking of the workers, they seem to make out the most from this scenario.  Shared office spaces, like the one offered by Office Evolution Greenwood Village, are tailored to the independent worker.  It just so happens that the space is also a great fit for a variety of other types of people that are self-employed or contracted out by a larger company.  A shared office can be rented by the rate of choice of the worker.  If you just need a place to pop in for a few hours, that’s all you pay for.  If you know you will need a space to write and interact with other people to get the brainstorming going, you can pay ahead for a few days a week.  Or, you can rent a virtual office space, which gives your home office an actual address complete with land line, answering service, and a mailbox.

Shared office spaces have blown up in the last decade, making them now almost more popular than traditional office settings.  So much of the work that gets done these days is shared officeonline, so telecommuting or coworking is a good fit.  Only the much larger companies have the money and required capacity to rent out entire floors, suites, or office buildings for their employees.  The rest do just fine working from home or even at a coffee shop.  The benefits for all parties involved are vast and growing by the day.  And with the steady incline in popularity of this type of work setting, the spaces are becoming more affordable and more trendy.  I bet most traditional offices can’t boast of their pool table or full employee kitchen.  These are added perks that you would never expect with a desk job for any random company.  But when you utilize shared office space, you enjoy perks like free coffee, free parking, an free wifi on top of it all.  And in the long run, it’s much cheaper for an employer to pay the share office site for the use of those perks than to provide it themselves.

Food photographers are paying attention to the shifts in modern culture

If you’re just getting started out with food photography, there are a few things that you can keep in mind to get well on your way.  Even though this type of photography is not as popular as others, such as modeling or landscape, it is one that is seen everywhere and has major influences in the world of advertising.  Right now we are in the middle of a foodie frenzy.  People are obsessed with cooking shows and do-it-yourself recipes.  We are just leaving the phase where 20 and 30 somethings never learned to cook because they had 10 restaurants at their disposal at any moment.  Finally we are trending back toward an age where we take pride in our kitchens and in producing the best that we can out of them.  Along with that, the food photography culture has grown.

Naturally, corporations pay attention to internet trends and culture shifts so that they can product photographycapitalize immediately.  So, these days it is pretty common to see a great deal of food in advertising.  And not just any pictures of food.  We crave the artisan breads, the mason jars, and all the in betweens that come with a beautiful culinary spread.  Every home and garden magazine in the country has countless pages and photos of scrumptious-looking food.  If this kind of photography is what you’re thinking, then here is what you should focus on:

First, you should at least have a general grasp on how food works and what makes it so great.  If you have only been eating bologna sandwiches for the last few years, brush up on some cooking shows first to see what about the food is essential to be highlighted.  What about certain dishes do people crave, and what about them to people not want to see?  You don’t have to be a full on food critic, but certainly being a foodie doesn’t hurt.  This way, you know what to focus on in your work and you might also know what to add to a dish to make it more appealing.

Second, hone in on your lighting skills that you learned in photography school.  Lights and composition are essential to food photography and can make or break a job.  Practice this week by taking pictures of everything that you eat.  Notice how much shadowing can make a plate of food look not-so-tasty.  Your burger and fries for lunch today was pretty delicious, but it photographed like a bleak basement.  A brightly lit plate of spaghetti, on the other hand, looks like the most amazing dish you have ever seen.  This practice round of photography can also apply to the way food truly looks and the way it looks in pictures. Much of what is placed in an advertisement is not actually edible.  The veggies might be painted or molded.  Melted cheese might actually be plastic.  But they look much more appealing this way, so food product photographers have mastered the art of blending edible food with inedible mediums that look very much like food.  With these tips in mind, you’re on the right track to be at true food photography professional.

Avoiding necessary treatment for glaucoma or cataracts could be seriously damaging

Did you know that you didn’t need to keep suffering from your painful eye condition? glaucoma treatment Many people think that they have to just live with something wrong with their eyes and that no corrective surgeries or treatments are available.  This is quite common because of insurance details and infrequent visits to the eye Dr.  Your eye health is a crucial one, and it should be treated just like your heart health.  It would be pretty devastating to lose your vision just because you didn’t make it a point to see an opthamologist or optometrist regularly.  So whether you have astigmatism, cataracts, glaucoma, or some other rare eye condition that you think you can just live with, think again!

Eye conditions only get worse over time, especially if you are wearing contacts or working around dust, or something similar that could scratch your eyes continuously.  Blisters can develop under the eye lids, making it eventually impossible to even still wear your contacts.  So, by putting off your eye health you could be causing permanent damage where you can’t see it.  So, suck it up and go see your eye Dr.  There are so many new treatments available for all those eye conditions that used to be something to just like with.  There are surgeries available to correct cataracts and astigmatism.  You can also receive treatments for glaucoma, corneal disease, or even just poor vision.  These diseases and conditions don’t have to create a bad quality of life for you if you don’t let them.  There are so many options.

A consultation for lasik eye surgery is quite common these days because the advances in the surgeries are becoming so great.  This type of corrective surgery used to be considered something only for the daring or for the elite, but now it is extremely common and carries a 98% satisfaction rating among patients.  Vision is corrected with lasers when this surgery is performed.  The outer most layer of the eye is sliced open and peeled back so that a corrective laser can get to where the reshaping needs to happen.  Once the flap is peeled back and the inner stromal layer is fixed, the flap is replaced and eventually heals.  There are more details to the procedure, but that is the overall idea of how it works.  Some patients are a bit freaked out by having their corneas flapped open, but the lasers and shears are so precise that it happens quite quickly.  Lasers are extremely accurate and can move with the eye and maintain a point so that no mistakes are made.  And there is very little to no discomfort with the whole process of flap creation and replacement.  The most difficult part of having lasik eye surgery is probably the increased light sensitivity for the few days following the procedure.  So no big deal – you have to stay indoors and relax for a few days so that you can have perfect vision when you emerge.  It’s worth the trade off, isn’t it?

Dental crowns are durable and a good choice to brighten your smile

If your dentist has ever told you that you would be a good candidate for dental crowns, then you should definitely do your research before signing up.  While dental crowns, or any cosmetic surgery, have been used for years and their techniques perfected, they are still permanent fixtures and a big change for your mouth.  So be sure that this is the right move if you are going to take the leap.  Fortunately, most dental patients are glad that they did.

A dental crown is quite literally a cap for a damaged or partially missing tooth.  It is a form of restoration that brings a tooth back up to par with its neighbors.  This is usually necessary when a tooth is broken beyond repair.  It can be used to hold a tooth together if there is a serious crack and any amount of filling no longer works.  Bridges are similar to crowns, but they are usually several molds in a row that bridge a gap in a line of teeth, where crowns cover only one tooth at a time.  Most patients are concerned with the actual procedure that is involved with cosmetic dentistry though, because that is the hardest part in some cases.  A dental crown is a permanent fixture, so it can take up to 3 office visits to be built, molded, and placed in your mouth.  The tooth underneath is prepared so that the crown will properly fit on top.  This is the part that makes a crown so permanent – the tooth underneath is shaved to change its shape and make it smaller, so you will never have that tooth be normal again.  But, at the same time, you’re getting a crown because this particular tooth is damaged beyond repair, so it’s not really that big of a change.

The crown is molded to the underlying tooth so that is is perfectly matched, and this is done by sending an impression of the tooth to a lab that creates the final product.  In the meantime, a temporary crown is worn.  When the final product is ready, the cosmetic dentist cements the crown permanently into place.  From here on out, you have a new veneerspermanent tooth that is white, shaped perfectly, and naturally stain resistant.  The color and shape are matched to surrounding teeth so no one will be able to tell the difference.  Crowns are common but they still need to be placed by a professional team or cosmetic dentists that is accredited and knows the process well.  The group at Levin Family Dental has perfected this craft and will make you feel like your brand new smile will never fade.  They provide both general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services to their patients in the Colorado area.  When it comes to dental crowns, they are especially knowledgeable and actually have the latest in technology that can provide same-day dental crowns.  This completely eliminates the middle term with traditional crowns where the patient has to wear a temporary one.  Also, less office visits means less numbing injections and less pain overall.

The top 5 reasons that you should use a shared office space

If you own your own business, work from home, or you even run your own business out of your home office, you might be the perfect candidate to rent a coworking space.  These spaces were originally created for small business owners or freelancers who needed a space to get things done.  Now they have expanded into all kinds of business realms and there are a million reasons why it could be great for you.

  1. Get in some adult conversation.  When you’re working from home you might start to feel a bit isolated from the world.  Sometimes it’s nice to interact with peers and even staff members who can help you think some things out.  You can expand your network by meeting others in similar businesses.  You may even have the chance to collaborate on training or educational sessions.  All of these things come about by your use of the shared office space with included high speed wifi.  These are opportunities you may never have if you never leave the home office.
  2. Access to a professional environment.  When you’re working from home you probably don’t have a conference room, desks, chairs, lamps, tables, or a scanner/coper/printer at your disposal.  With most shared office spaces, the rent includes access to all of these things in addition to high speed internet.  The rooms are great to have when you need to bring clients in for a meeting or sign some paperwork.  The conference rooms are also set up for teleconferencing if you need to present to some peers across the country.
  3. Separation of work and home.  When you work from a home office you also have the distractions of family, friends, personal matters, and the couch calling your name.  If you are the type of person that needs to get away from all those types of distractions to get things done, you can rent a coworking space for as little as an hour if that’s all you need.  This is great for cost and convenience.  Many office spaces have a 24 hour drop in business lounge so that you can make that separation from home at any hour of the day and only use up a few hours of cost.
  4. Tack on the virtual office.  By also renting a virtual office space, you can use the office spacepermanent address and phone number of the shared office space rather than your home address for all business transactions.  You can have this mail box and land line printed on business cards and you can take advantage of the front office staff to answer your calls and sign for your packages.  Like the lounge, the mailboxes can normally be accessed at all hours of the day, so it you only have time to pick up those packages at 3am that’s definitely OK.
  5. Take in those perks!  Shared office spaces are for working, but they can also be great stimulation for the brain.  Certain amenities make it worth while, such as free coffee, a full kitchen, game rooms, and the best of office equipment and furniture.  So stop working from your basement and utilize a shared office space.