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This Colorado company specializes in ice rescue equipment

ice rescue equipmentColorado has some crazy, unpredictable weather. It can be hard to determine what kind of weather you may encounter especially in higher elevations. Elevations over 14,000 feet have snowfall almost all year round. This can create some very precarious conditions to be careful of. It is not uncommon for lakes to freeze over at these super high elevations. It is also common to see people ice fishing. Ice fishing may be fun to some, however, it can be extremely dangerous if the proper precautions are not considered. Each year, someone miscalculates the thickness of the ice and an accident occurs. Once someone falls through the ice into the freezing water, it is up to a first responder to rescue them as quickly and efficiently as possible before hypothermia sets in.

Ice Rescue Systems, a Colorado company that specializes in ice rescue equipment, knows how important their business is to local first responders and rescuers. They also know that there equipment can be used to save a person or an animal’s life. For this reason, they offer the highest quality equipment that ensures effectiveness and ease of use. They are a self-proclaimed “company of visionaries” who stay ahead of the curve by being a leader in product innovation and rescue techniques.

Ice Rescue Systems offers individual components and also comprehensive packages that include everything you will need to be prepared during an ice rescue emergency. These packages include staple ice rescue equipment like rescue sleds, extending reach poles with loop handle, throw lines and throw bags, plus so much more. They also have accessories too. They have a selection of carabineers, ice awls, slings, pulleys and even ice saws.

This cutting edge company also has a selection of personal protection ice rescue equipment. This includes personal floatation devices, also known as PFDs, that are essential to any water rescue mission. They also offer harnesses and helmets as well as propulsion fins to help you swim. A rescuer must stay protected from exposure to the harsh freezing water, so they must be outfitted in a special insulated suit that also has some buoyancy to help keep them afloat.

On top of all of that, Ice Rescue Systems offer professional training programs to help ensure that responders on trained properly on the equipment. There can be a bit of a learning curve to a novice, so it is very important that someone with experience helps walk you through the proper operation procedures. They also offer training programs and resources to help educate on the proper ice rescue techniques. This is important as many injuries that occur to the rescue victims do not actually come from the freezing water but rather occur during the actual rescue.

If you have any questions about the rescue gear that Ice Rescue Systems specializes in, please visit their website. If you do not live in Colorado, no problem. They also have an online store to make it easy to conveniently purchase professional ice rescue equipment from anywhere in the United States.

Compare the cost of owning an eBike

eBikeElectric bicycles can attribute their rise in popularity to the cost savings they can afford you when compared to other traditional and alternative modes of transportation. These savings can be very appealing especially when combined with other benefits you will receive from owning an eBike (electric bicycle). Some of these benefits include an improvement in your health and fitness, less impact on the environment and a more pleasant and efficient commute. When you compare the cost to purchase, operate and maintain an electric bicycle to cars and other alternative methods, the savings can be up to 60%. This is because you also have to factor in variables that you do not have to worry about with pedal assisting electric bicycles.

The biggest variables to be concerned about when comparing the costs of operating an eBike over other traditional modes is the price of gas. The cost of fuel can fluctuate a great deal which can affect the average cost for you over time. It can be hard to gauge what your costs will be in the long term. With an electric bike, it does not require gas to power it. Instead it uses a rechargeable battery. This feature, in itself, will save you the most money. You also need to consider the fact the eBikes do not require oil changes and filter changes every three to six months. This will also save you money over time. Car washes are another small but meaningful item to compare.

Another big variable in comparing operating expenses for a car versus an eBike is the cost of registration fees and taxes. In big cities with lower air quality will charge astronomical annual fees to keep your car registration up to date with the state. This another key reason why electric bicycles are cheaper to operate as you do not have to worry about registration fees or taxes.

Just like with owning a car, owning a scooter or motorcycle also can incur some of the same expenses. These expenses can include gas, oil, filters, registration fees and taxes depending on whether you own a scooter or a motorcycle. Although they can be significantly cheaper to operate than driving a car, they are still not as cost effective as owning an electric bicycle. Plus, these rides can get caught in traffic, whereas an eBike can maneuver through or even bypass traffic altogether.

How does the cost of operating an eBike compare with owning a manual pedal bike? They are actually quite comparable depending on what style and model that you get. A professional pedal bike can run upwards of $5000. You can get an eBike for less than that. You will have some additional operating costs with an eBike as compared to manual pedal bike, but the improvement in performance and efficiency can make up for the price difference.

If you are still trying to justify purchasing an electric bicycle to replace one of the alternative methods mentioned above, contact Small Planet eBikes. They can better inform you of the value you will receive with an eBIke.


Make sure that you do not forget these rescue gear accessories

rescue gearIt is important to have the appropriate rescue gear for any ice related emergencies. There are too many risks involved in these kinds of situations. The main components of a professional ice rescue equipment package are a sled, a reach pole and a throw bag. However, there are other accessories and components that you should have handy during an ice rescue emergency. Many of these accessories are included when you buy a complete rescue gear package. Here is list of some of the most important accessories to be prepared with during an ice rescue mission.


Personal Floatation Devices

PFDs are personal floatation devices and are a staple for any ice rescue emergency. They help both the victim and the rescuer stay afloat by adding buoyancy. The victim is then able to hold onto the floatation device while they kick their feet rigorously to try to heat up their body and to avoid hypothermia.


Carabineers can be used for many things during an ice rescue emergency. They can be used to attach throw lines harnesses, floatation devices, ice screws, sleds, slings and so much more. A professional company like Ice Rescue Systems in Colorado have actually color coded all of their products, including their carabineers. This helps to ensure each carabineer is used as it is intended.

Ice Awls and Grips

Ice awls are very essential to have in your ice rescue gear kit. They can be used to pierce into the ice allowing a grip for the rescue respondent to pull themselves across the ice or aid in pulling out a victim from the water. Ice awls are plastic sheaths with an ice pick inside that retracts when the sheath is shoved into the ice. Awl grips are the foam grips that go on the outside of the plastic sheath giving it a better grip while being easier on the hands.

Ice Cleats

A rescuer trying to scale across the ice to a victim must be wearing ice cleats on their shoes. These can be retrofit onto your protective boots adding exceptional grip on the ice. The added grip can provide an immense amount of leverage when trying to hoist a heavy person out of freezing cold water. Victims who have been exposed to the water too long are like dead weight because they may have been experiencing symptoms of hypothermia. Ice is slippery, of course, so any amount of grip and leverage you can have on the ice will make your efforts more effective.

Dry Suit

A rescue responder must not try to rescue a victim during an ice rescue emergency unless they are fully prepared and equipped with a dry suit and other rescue gear. Otherwise, the rescuer is also at risk of injury or hypothermia. A dry suit is insulated, so it should provide the protection needed from the freezing water. It also is virtually a personal floatation device as it has buoyancy in order to help the responder stay afloat if they have to enter the water to rescue a victim.


Amp up your business with an electric bicycle

electric bicyclesBusiness are getting savvy to ways of improving efficiency and performance in their operations. With fluctuating gas prices and costs of overhead, some forward thinking companies are looking for alternative methods of transportation. There are many travel alternatives out there to consider. Cars can be replaced with scooters or bicycles or even motorcycles. However, businesses can realize a better return on their investment if they consider replacing their fuel guzzling company car with an electric bicycle. The savings can be tremendous over cars, scooters and motorcycles.

The savings are not only in the replacing fuel with battery power, you also realize the savings in registration fees, oil changes, repairs and car washes. Not only are you saving money on these expenses, an electric pedal assist bicycle can help improve your efficiency immensely. Employees are able to get to their destination faster and tire out less quickly. They are able to switch easily between various drive modes in order to conserve battery life and energy.

There are many businesses that use a fleet of manual pedal bikes who could benefit from switching to an electric bike. Sandwich and restaurant delivery services would improve their performance by being able to make more deliveries in a day. Couriers deliver documents and packages. They too could benefit from an eBike, especially in big cities. Marijuana dispensaries have delivery services now and they could improve their bottom line by investing in a fleet of electric bikes.

The police department could even benefit from eBikes. They would be much more efficient than, say, a horse. They would also be more affordable than a motorcycle and would be better for in town uses rather than highway officers. Electric bicycles do have some operating expenses as compare to traditional bicycles, however, they would improve your performance by adding a boost to your pedaling.

Downtown cart drivers could trade in their manual maneuvering bikes for an electric alternative. The extra boost a pedal assisting bike can give will help when pulling cargo making your trip more efficient and less strenuous. On the same token, pedicab drivers can also benefit for the same reason. They are consistently pulling heavy cargo and any boost they can getting when pulling a full cart would be very helpful.

Mobile doctors could really amp up their business if they chose to use electric bikes over traditional methods like cars and trucks. They could get to their patients faster, especially during heavy traffic times of the time. They would also be promoting to the patients a healthier lifestyle as bicycle commuters are known to be healthier as a result of pedaling to and from their destinations.

Mobile veterinarians could also benefit for the same reasons as people doctors. When pets have to go to the vet, it can be a stressful event. However, it has been proven that pets are less stressed during an examination that is being performed in the comfort of the pet’s home. A vet could really differentiate themselves in the marketplace if the offered eBike visits.