Caring for Dental Crowns

dental crownsOne of the most effective ways of avoiding damage to teeth that have had cavities or other issues is to turn to dental crowns. Dental crowns protect the tooth from further damage and can ensure that it is not eroded by bacteria or that any infections form. If you are someone who has had to get dental crowns or will do so in the future, it can be a good idea to learn a bit about the care of these crowns so that they can last a long time. We have some care tips below.

  • Fluoride Toothpaste: Your dentist will recommend the best kind of toothpaste for your needs. These usually mean high fluoride options that can ensure the gum line is protected from infections or damage. It is important to know that while your tooth is protected, your gum line is not, so brushing and flossing is still essential.
  • Avoid Chewing Ice: If you have a habit of chewing ice, you will need to stop once you have dental crowns in place. This change in temperature can cause porcelain crowns to weaken and even chip. Although metal crowns will not chip, they can still be damaged by extreme changes in temperature so keep this in mind.
  • No Gum: This is especially important if you have temporary crowns in place. Dental crowns can get loose and the possibility increases if you chew gum or other sticky foods like taffy.
  • Chewing: During the first day or two after the crowns have been put in place, chew on the opposite side of the dental crowns. The cement that holds it in place might still be adjusting itself and you do not want to move the crown at all. After a few days, you can go back to chewing regularly.
  • Flossing: It is very important that you continue flossing as you normally would. This is because although the crown does protect your tooth, your gum is still exposed to bacteria. Flossing and brushing every day can prevent serious issues from developing. The last thing you want is a gum infection after you have gotten your dental crowns installed.
  • Immediate Care: If the dental crown gets loose or falls out, you need to put the crown in a bag and bring it to your dentist. This crown may be used as a temporary one until a new one can get made. It is very important that you do not stick the crown back into your mouth yourself, since this can introduce all manner of bacteria.

Having dental crowns in place can be a great way to prevent a cavity from getting worse. A cosmetic dentist can do this procedure in no time at all and crowns can last a long time, ensuring that you do not have to get it redone for at least a few years. A clinic like Levin Family Dental can make it possible for you to get the exact treatment you need. Get your teeth looking their best with dental crowns done by experts.