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The specialty features of the new air stone alternative

Making sure that your plants are getting enough oxygen up through the water that they drink can be a difficult task to figure out and keep tabs on. If you don’t have any specialty tools at your disposal, it can be incredibly difficult if not impossible to figure out the amount of oxygen that your plants are getting. If you have gone the next step up and have bought an oxygen bubbler or an air stone for your plants, you are already a step ahead. Giving the extra nudge or influence for your plants to get as much air as possible can make a huge difference in your plant health as well as in the plant yield.air stone alternative

If you already have an oxygen bubbler for your plants but you are still not getting the yield that you want from your plants, there is another new step that might interest you. A company called O2 Grow has developed a new kind of electrolysis system that can put up to fifty percent more oxygen in t he water than you can get through using a bubbler. The new air stone alternatives work by disconnecting the bond between the hydrogen and the oxygen molecules that make up water. After the molecules are separated, the hydrogen can float to the top of the water in the form of a tiny little bubble where it will then pop and be released into the surroundings. The oxygen then will be absorbed right into the water so that there is no wasted oxygen like there is with the normal oxygen bubbler system. This means that you can get much more for your money and time and end up having a lot better results from your plants compared to what you might have now. The air stone alternative from O2 Grow is also able to work so easily and so effectively that there is no need for as much work and energy as was required from other kinds of oxygen bubblers which means that when you use the new electrolysis method, the pH balance of the water doesn’t change, the temperature of the water doesn’t change and the salinity of the water doesn’t change. For a few set of circumstances, this was previously a huge problem for a set of the market before that were trying to utilize air stones or other kinds of oxygen bubblers in order to deliver more oxygen to the water or to the plants.

If you think that your plants could still do better if they were given the right set of circumstances, pumping your plants with more oxygen with an O2 Grow electrolysis oxygen bubbler might be just the thing that is able to help you push your plants to the next category of production and yield. If you would like to know more about how the process works, you can find all different sorts of information on their website along with a few videos that show you how the whole thing works.