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  1. Most people believe that the United States is where the majority of the jewelry we buy comes from where in fact, less than thirty percent of all jewelry that is sold domestically is from within the United States. Major jewelry sellers like offer jewelry from all around the world, but only a small portion of it comes from right here in the country. There are a few very simple reasons why most of the jewelry we buy is from overseas. First of all, the culture of jewelry is much older and richer overseas. The USA is a relatively new country when compared to the rest of the world, yet there have been companies that have made and sold jewelry for as long as people have lived in societies. When the new world started to follow the old world culture of making jewelry, the upper classes preferred to purchase their products from the older and more experienced jewelry makers. There was no way that the new world could catch up with hundreds and hundreds of years of jewelry culture that other countries already enjoyed. The second reason why jewelry is more often made across the sea than right here in the good old USA is that there are almost no diamond mines within the US. The vast majority of diamonds come from Africa and Asia, so it only makes sense that they would also be the ones to produce the diamond wedding bands and the diamond engagement rings. One thing that the USA does have a lot of is gold, so when a piece of jewelry is made from gold alone, the chances are much higher that it comes from a local source. Even though the USA is not one of the largest jewelry producers in the global market, it has been earning a reputation for being one of the best countries when it comes to custom jewelry. In recent years local jewelry makers have been taking home the awards for a lot of big international competitions.
  2. Most jewelry that is sold is made with precious stones from older pieces. Diamonds and rubies are so are in today’s world that it has become very common for a jeweler to purchase up old pieces of jewelry and make new items out of them. Just because a piece is made with an older diamond or other stones doesn’t mean it is sold for less, in fact it may very well be more expensive. Precious stones almost never lose their value, and when a stone has a special history, or when it comes from an era when jewelry cutting was in its golden age, the price of the piece could be much more expensive. Using stones from “used” jewelry is only going to become more and more typical as the number of diamond mines continues to decrease. Perhaps if a series of new mines are discovered then there will be more new stones used in modern jewelry however, that is something which seems increasingly less likely to happen with each passing year.