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Compare the cost of owning an eBike

eBikeElectric bicycles can attribute their rise in popularity to the cost savings they can afford you when compared to other traditional and alternative modes of transportation. These savings can be very appealing especially when combined with other benefits you will receive from owning an eBike (electric bicycle). Some of these benefits include an improvement in your health and fitness, less impact on the environment and a more pleasant and efficient commute. When you compare the cost to purchase, operate and maintain an electric bicycle to cars and other alternative methods, the savings can be up to 60%. This is because you also have to factor in variables that you do not have to worry about with pedal assisting electric bicycles.

The biggest variables to be concerned about when comparing the costs of operating an eBike over other traditional modes is the price of gas. The cost of fuel can fluctuate a great deal which can affect the average cost for you over time. It can be hard to gauge what your costs will be in the long term. With an electric bike, it does not require gas to power it. Instead it uses a rechargeable battery. This feature, in itself, will save you the most money. You also need to consider the fact the eBikes do not require oil changes and filter changes every three to six months. This will also save you money over time. Car washes are another small but meaningful item to compare.

Another big variable in comparing operating expenses for a car versus an eBike is the cost of registration fees and taxes. In big cities with lower air quality will charge astronomical annual fees to keep your car registration up to date with the state. This another key reason why electric bicycles are cheaper to operate as you do not have to worry about registration fees or taxes.

Just like with owning a car, owning a scooter or motorcycle also can incur some of the same expenses. These expenses can include gas, oil, filters, registration fees and taxes depending on whether you own a scooter or a motorcycle. Although they can be significantly cheaper to operate than driving a car, they are still not as cost effective as owning an electric bicycle. Plus, these rides can get caught in traffic, whereas an eBike can maneuver through or even bypass traffic altogether.

How does the cost of operating an eBike compare with owning a manual pedal bike? They are actually quite comparable depending on what style and model that you get. A professional pedal bike can run upwards of $5000. You can get an eBike for less than that. You will have some additional operating costs with an eBike as compared to manual pedal bike, but the improvement in performance and efficiency can make up for the price difference.

If you are still trying to justify purchasing an electric bicycle to replace one of the alternative methods mentioned above, contact Small Planet eBikes. They can better inform you of the value you will receive with an eBIke.