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  1. Tile cleaning has become one of the most in demand cleaning services offered today, thanks to the fact that tile has become once again, a very typical flooring material in this country. New homes that are being built are almost exclusively made with tile floors in areas like the bathroom and kitchen, and many people have even started to request that tile be placed in bedrooms and the living room. Tile is often preferred over carpet because it is easier to keep clean, and it is also preferred over wood because wood is so expensive to have these days. Tile cleaning services like, receive thousands of calls and email each day about tile cleaning services. Tile floor cleaning is done with an industrial cleaning machine that first washed the surface of the floor with a chemical cleaner, and then uses hot steam to get off any remaining dirt, as well as to sanitize the floor. Restaurants often have tile floors, and they will typically have their floors cleaned once every week as a way to keep up with health codes. People also use tile cleaning services in their homes, though not as often. When a professional tile cleaning service is used instead of a person just washing the floor themselves, the floors stay in better shape for longer, thanks to the fact that all the little contaminants that can get into a grout joint are washed away completely.
  2. Cleaning and repairing hardwood floors is also a popular service right now. Hardwood floors are by far the most expensive kind of flooring material on the market, so people who have them tend to take more care to have them cleaned and repaired more often. Hardwood floor refinishing is the most common service requested for wood floors. There are a lot of homes and office buildings in this country that have been around for more than a hundred years, and many of them have the original hardwood floors from when they were first built. Hardwood floors from more than a century ago are going to need refinishing to be done from time to time if the floors are going to last. Refinishing services can be as simple as recoating the floors with a special anti-scratch coat that keeps the fragile wood surface safe from damage, as well as replacing parts of the floors that may already be damaged, with brand new wood pieces. Even wood floors that are in the worst of shape still are treated with more extensive refinishing services, as the cost of replacing an entire hardwood floor can be very steep.
  3. Carpet cleaning services are of course, also among the most popular floor services in the nation. Carpet can be a great floor covering for the home, but it is one of the flooring materials that is easiest to get dirty, and the hardest to clean properly. Like tile floors, carpets are cleaned using high temperature steam and special chemicals. Carpet cleaning services are also amongst the most affordable of all cleaning services, with the average carpet cleaning costing around a hundred dollars.