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This Colorado company specializes in ice rescue equipment

ice rescue equipmentColorado has some crazy, unpredictable weather. It can be hard to determine what kind of weather you may encounter especially in higher elevations. Elevations over 14,000 feet have snowfall almost all year round. This can create some very precarious conditions to be careful of. It is not uncommon for lakes to freeze over at these super high elevations. It is also common to see people ice fishing. Ice fishing may be fun to some, however, it can be extremely dangerous if the proper precautions are not considered. Each year, someone miscalculates the thickness of the ice and an accident occurs. Once someone falls through the ice into the freezing water, it is up to a first responder to rescue them as quickly and efficiently as possible before hypothermia sets in.

Ice Rescue Systems, a Colorado company that specializes in ice rescue equipment, knows how important their business is to local first responders and rescuers. They also know that there equipment can be used to save a person or an animal’s life. For this reason, they offer the highest quality equipment that ensures effectiveness and ease of use. They are a self-proclaimed “company of visionaries” who stay ahead of the curve by being a leader in product innovation and rescue techniques.

Ice Rescue Systems offers individual components and also comprehensive packages that include everything you will need to be prepared during an ice rescue emergency. These packages include staple ice rescue equipment like rescue sleds, extending reach poles with loop handle, throw lines and throw bags, plus so much more. They also have accessories too. They have a selection of carabineers, ice awls, slings, pulleys and even ice saws.

This cutting edge company also has a selection of personal protection ice rescue equipment. This includes personal floatation devices, also known as PFDs, that are essential to any water rescue mission. They also offer harnesses and helmets as well as propulsion fins to help you swim. A rescuer must stay protected from exposure to the harsh freezing water, so they must be outfitted in a special insulated suit that also has some buoyancy to help keep them afloat.

On top of all of that, Ice Rescue Systems offer professional training programs to help ensure that responders on trained properly on the equipment. There can be a bit of a learning curve to a novice, so it is very important that someone with experience helps walk you through the proper operation procedures. They also offer training programs and resources to help educate on the proper ice rescue techniques. This is important as many injuries that occur to the rescue victims do not actually come from the freezing water but rather occur during the actual rescue.

If you have any questions about the rescue gear that Ice Rescue Systems specializes in, please visit their website. If you do not live in Colorado, no problem. They also have an online store to make it easy to conveniently purchase professional ice rescue equipment from anywhere in the United States.