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Must-Haves For Spine Surgery Recovery

spine surgeryAny kind of surgery can take its toll on you physically and emotionally. This is very much the case when you have a spine surgery, since it will limit you ability to move until you recover. To make the process easier on you and on everyone around you, it can be a good idea to discuss with your doctor and surgeon what you will need throughout the recovery process. We have some suggestions that can make a world of difference as you go through a recovery.

  • Nutritious Food: Your body needs all the help you can give it to recover as quickly as possible. Depending on your surgery type, your doctor may recommend certain food options. Things that have gelatin are always a good idea, since they help strengthen collagen. Be sure that the food you choose is easy to prepare if you have to do it on your own. Take the time to also get chocolate, which can release endorphins to stave off depression.
  • Medications: Apart from pain killers, which your doctor will prescribe you to last for the entire recovery process, you may also need to take laxatives. This can make it easier to move your bowels when you are still in recovery from back pain surgery or spine surgery.
  • Back Scratcher: If your back itches while you are in recovery, you may not be able to reach the itch. This is especially true if you have to wear a back brace, which can get itchy. You need to get a back scratcher that is long and easy to adjust so that you can reach any itch.
  • Body Pillow: A body pillow will allow you to find the position in which you are most comfortable while you recover. It will be a little different for everyone, but a body pillow will allow you to have the support and comfort you need.
  • Entertainment: A large part of your recovery you will spend in bed. To not feel bored, you should consider having your laptop nearby or a television. If you have been waiting for time to read a particular book, now is the perfect time! Reach out to people going through the same thing through online forums to help bolster your spirits as the days pass.
  • Help: If possible, you should have someone who can check on you every day. It can be through the phone or by going to your home. If you have pets, perhaps have someone stay with you to care for them while you recover. You want to focus entirely on getting better and having someone to help you can make this easier.

When going through a spine surgery, you want to be prepared for the recovery process. You need to understand that you will be limited in what you can do, so having someone to help you can make a huge difference. Ask your doctor about what medications you will need and what recommendations they have about what you can and cannot do as you recover. You do not have to have a bad experience with your back pain or spine surgery if you prepare.