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Different types of survival kits that everyone should have

Survival kits are tools and items needed in the event you find yourself in an unexpected outdoor survival situation. Some of the most common and useful items can be found in most survival kits.  These include compasses, fire starters, flashlights, knives, fishing hooks & line, and water purification tablets.


There are different types of survival kits for both short and long-term perseverance.  You can choose between a store purchased survival kit or assemble one yourself.  In addition, there are also different types of survival kits for the military personnel as well as several different civilian survival kits.  Regardless of whether you decide to buy or assemble a bag to help you live if you get lost while hiking or camping, you need to make sure it contains the right tools and items needed for the type of terrain and environment that you will be operating in.


For example, if you are going to be in a place with snow, you will need to carry extra clothing, a warm sleeping bag and snowshoes.  On the other hand, if you will be hiking through a dense forest, then you need a snake bite kit, insect netting and plenty of repellant along with the other essentials needed for survival.


Regardless of which type of survival kit you choose, it should contain the following emergency essentials:


  • Waterproof matches and kindling to start a fire. The fire will keep you warm and give you a way to signal for help and cook food.
  • A compass to help you figure out which direction you should be going in. Most compasses do not need batteries, so they always work.
  • A flashlight so that you can see where you are once the sun goes down.
  • Fishing line and hooks to catch food including fish and birds.
  • A knife for both safety and for cutting up the food you cook.
  • A water bottle and water purification tablets. Staying hydrated is important.  If you run out of drinkable water, you can make more.
  • A first aid kit so that minor bumps, bruises and cuts do not slow you down.


These items should be kept in plastic bags that zip closed and can then be placed in your pockets for easy carrying.  There are also vests and bags you can purchase to make carrying your survival kit easier.

It does not hurt to keep these items in your car, and home, as well because you never know when tragedy can strike.  Having these items in your car will help you live longer if your car should break down and having them at home will make it easier if you live in an area where tornados or earthquakes occur.  Both earthquakes and tornados can come without much warning and these items will help you persevere until help arrives.


If you have pets, you may want to set up a survival kit for them, as well.  This way they have food and water if you both get lost or encounter tragedy together.