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Using a shared office space could make sense for your small business; check out these trends that are influencing the growth of small businesses around the globe.

Small businesses and large businesses alike have begun to understand the push and pull of the non-traditional workspace on their employees. Indeed, whether you are working at a startup that literally does not have a single headquarters or office space, or you are working at a traditional office that is hoping to switch things up and try out something new, the lessons learned through virtual office space and other innovative work settings are definitely spilling over to the more traditional work environment. So, how are these trends making the switch, and how can small businesses everywhere learn from (and utilize) coworking spaces, like Office Evolution Lone-Tree? When there are so many details and so many pieces and parts to pull together, it can feel overwhelming for an established business to change their model and try out this new and innovative work environment. It can also be overwhelming when you consider how technology is influencing our work in more ways than we might imagine. Pulling your company up to speed with the latest technologies is an expensive endeavor, and not always one that is easy to move forward with, as there may be technologies that aren’t as relevant to your work. Knowing how to move forward as a small business or large one in the twenty first century requires learning from some of the innovative business models that have been so successful in recent years. Here are some of the things that are being executed to great effect in innovative work settings and that more traditional businesses should be paying close attention to.

  • Open office environments: If there is any one thing that coworking spaces have taught us, it is that office spaces need desperate redesigning. Cubicles are not effective, and they don’t make sense for people who are hoping to be as creative and innovative as possible. Opening up the office environment to create a space that and feels more welcoming and conducive to creative thinking is key to offices looking to scale up in the twenty first century. More and more, regardless of your business type, you will be in need of spaces that help people feel like they are free to think and create, rather than stuck in a box and required to pump out whatever end product gets done the quickest.
  • Implementing new technologies: While making the switch to the latest technology can feel overwhelming and expensive, even making a move towards cloud automation is a trend that can easily have wide ranging benefits when implemented properly. These new technologies are being used a variety of innovative business settings, and when you have the technology you are using working for you, you’ll be surprised by how many other pieces quickly fall into place.
  • Utilize the gig economy: Many people are changing the way their job identity intersects with their personal identity, and the “gig economy” is one way in which this is happening. As a small business, acknowledging the skill sets acquired through this gig economy can help you find workers who may not be traditional, but certainly have a lot to offer.

Endless Advantages of a Virtual Office Rental

The need for a positive and enjoyable work-life balance is a priority for many people. Aside from the Wall Street chaos or sleepless requirements of a surgeon, work-life balance can usually be achievable by many different professionals from different industries. There have been many innovative movements in the professional world these days in order to address and accommodate the need for employee work-life balance. It is hard to stomach the fact that many people live to work rather than work to live. Fortunately there are many companies, large and small that transitioned their various policies and restructured certain requirements in order for their employees to benefit the most while also contributing to the company goal.

One of these policies can be seen through the use of virtual office space. A business or individual can easily utilize the services of virtual office and in turn, work from any part of planet they wish. A virtual office still has an established physical address for the company client and provides additional essentials that meet the needs of their business and it’s operation. These needs can be simple or extensive, but they can all be managed through the offerings of a company that provides a virtual office. One such company is that of Your Office, and they deliver both virtual office services as well as executive office rentals as well as executive suites. Depending on the needs and size of a company, as well as the particular requirements they have for customer relations, a virtual office or executive office rental can easily accommodate their goals.

Allowing employees the option to work from their desired location not only saves money in terms of overhead but also has been shown time and again to increase productivity and ultimately company profit. When an employee is not required to commute to a specific location every day they turn that time into working immediately and in a place where they are comfortable. This flexibility not only keeps an employee engaged and motivated but it has shown through the years to reduce the amount of sick days and vacation days that employees typically take when working from a central location on a consistent basis.  Virtual Office

Furthermore, a virtual office system can streamline a the overall costs that a company would usually see fluctuate in terms of technology and the needs of employees. When all employees operate via virtual office, they all utilize the same type of IT networks and systems and this narrows down the IT needs and requirements.

It is no mystery that a company with high turnover rates is a company that takes little pride and investment in their employees. This creates a negative reputation that essentially affects company and employee moral as well as lack of company interest. When a business accommodates and encourages work-life balance through a virtual office rental, it is a proven fact that turnover rates decrease and moral increases.  It is clear to see that going the route of a virtual office space can only deliver professional and personal advantages for the company and the employees.