Finding the perfect spa package at Pure Spa Waikiki

Your Hawaiian vacation is one of the biggest things that people look forward to when it comes to their holiday plans. Since Hawaii is the United State’s only island, it is the hotbed of most of the romantic and relaxtion tourism in the United States. Few states also have any comparison when it comes to beaches and warm weather natural beauty. With the beauty and the natural romanticism of Hawaii, it is one of the top designations not only for tourists but more specifically, tourists coming for romantic get aways, honeymoons and aniversery celebrations. Since this seems to be a huge part of the kind of tourism that Hawaii gets, it is no surprise that the kinds of businesses that cater to tourists in Hawaii, go more for the angle of romance and relaxation.

This is exactly whey spas like Spa Pure Waikiki are so popular in Hawaii. Top of the line spas like Spa Waikiki offer wonderful and relaxing spa treatments such as facials, masks, body wraps, steam baths, massages and their specialty, the ocean massage, in order to create the calm and romantic look and feeling that Hawaii’s huge tourism industry is looking for.

spa packageAt specialty spas like Spa Pure Waikiki, they have a number of different spa packages like their “Around the World in 90 Minutes,” spa package which offers some of the best that Spa Pure Waikiki has to offer. First of all, they start you off with their specialty ocean massage. This means that you will be floating in a pool of warm saltwater, supported by a few pool noodles so that you float comfortably, as one of Spa Pure Waikiki’s massage therapy staff gently guide you through the water so you can feel the warm flow of the water slowly relaxing your muscles and stretching them. After your ocean massage, you have the choice of any of their full-body massages that sound the most appealing to you. You have the choices between a Swedish massage, a lomi lomi massage, pressure point shiatsu or a post work out sports massage. After your massage, you will get some time in your own, personal Ganban Yoku herbal steam dome. As the cherry on top, the last part of your spa package will include some time in the energy bathe so that when you walk out of Spa Pure Waikiki, you will be absolutely glowing and ready to go back out on the beach and continue with the rest of your trip.

There are a number of different spa packages available at Spa Pure Waikiki so there is certainly something that you are going to find there that sounds like the best possible thing that you can spend your time during your wonderful Hawaii vacation as possible. No matter if you are more interested in massages, in being left alone for some time in the sauna or if you would prefer a facial, there is something that you will truly love at Spa Pure Waikiki.