How a Medical Marijuana Dispensary Works

If you are a new resident to either Colorado or Washington State, then you may be unaware of how a medical marijuana dispensary works.  This is due to the fact that they are the only two states to legalize the drug for both medical and recreational use.  Some other states do allow cannabis to be used for some medical issues, such as extreme cases of epilepsy, but it is still difficult to obtain the drug in those states.  Therefore, traveling to Colorado or Washington becomes a necessity.


First and foremost, you need to know that these businesses usually work on a cash only basis.  This is because the federal government has not legalized marijuana.  Therefore, it is not legal for banks, which are backed by the federal government to be in business with any marijuana sellers, whether recreational or at a medical cannabis dispensary.


Many of these facilities work on a system of collective gardens and donations.  This means that many different patients who have been prescribed medical marijuana work together and pool their resources.  Once your doctor writes a prescription for medical cannabis, you may become a member of as many collective gardens as you like.  As a member of a collective garden, you may have the medical marijuana in exchange for a monetary donation.


When designated as a collective garden, a medical marijuana dispensary can grow cannabis for itself as well as for its members.  This means that there are plenty of plants to produce plenty of product to keep the store front well stocked.  In addition, those who choose to grow their own can then come in and try to sell it through a donation system.

Private sellers often try to sell edible products made with marijuana as well as oils made from derivatives from the plant and find there is usually more money in selling these products, than the plants or dried products.  Therefore, they will then try to specialize in one or two products and sell those to various dispensaries around town.


Medical marijuana dispensaries often sell two types of cannabis. There is satvia which makes a user feel upbeat and indica which has a sedative effect and is often used as a painkiller.  The two kinds can, and usually are mixed together.  Patients then have to find the right blend to solve their particular problems and with as few side effects as possible.  It may take several combination attempts until the best one is found.


If you have recently been prescribed medical cannabis, be sure to bring your paperwork and your card with you when visiting a dispensary.  Also, be ready to fill out plenty of paperwork.  If you do not know where to find a medical marijuana dispensary, do not expect to see an ad in the paper or on TV, instead, you should look in alternative weekly papers and on the internet.  While there, you can check out the Yelp-like website for dispensaries and research the right blend for your ailments.