How to buy custom cabinets

Congratulations!  You have decided to give your kitchen a must needed a makeover.  The best place to start is with the cabinets.  While the possibility may seem endless, you decisions will give you an excellent return on your investment and the payoffs in making it easier to work are beyond compare.


Custom cabinets come in a variety of styles and offer many storage and accessibility options.  They are also the most important factor in the design of your new kitchen and are the most visible.  Therefore, they are also the most expensive choice you will make when to comes to redoing your kitchen.  However, with the number of choices, you will find one to match your home and your budget.

The most popular style of custom cabinets available is known as shaker-style.  It is made of five pieces of wood.  There are four pieces that make the frame and a fifth piece is the flat center panel.  It is popular because it can be used in any style kitchen and can be customized based on the type of wood used, stains, paint color, and hardware.  Using a less expensive type of wood as the center panel and not having it painted will save you money.


Two other popular varieties of custom cabinets are that of the flat design and thermofoil cabinets.  Flat design cabinets usually come in either laminate or wood and if you choose the laminate type, you have a slew of colors and sheens to decide among.  Thermofoil cabinets are mass produced in solid colors and imitation wood grain.  They are the most cost effective, however, they are hard to fix if damaged.


Other less popular cabinet designs include distressed and antique.  The distressed look is great if you want an antique style kitchen and beadboard is a good choice if you are going for a cottage look.  However, you can also truly customized your cabinets by mixing and matching several different styles.


Once you have decided on a design style and color or finish, you then need to pick out the hardware and your accessibility options.  Hardware includes knobs and pulls.  They allow you to dress up your kitchen and truly make it your own.  Accessibility options include pull out tables, shelves, and drawer organizers.  This allows you to have access to an object in your kitchen you may not have had before.  In addition, you can also choose to lower the height of your cabinets and/or your countertop to make it easier to work.  This is especially important if you have any physical impairment.


Additionally, you can also add glass doors, plate holders, lights, valance bridges and spacers to make your kitchen truly your own.  These extras allow you to show off special collections and give your home extra panache.  Finally, the choice of a countertop will complete the look.  Find one that compliments your choice in cabinets.  Countertops come in a variety of styles, materials, and colors, based upon your preferences, as well as your budget.