It can be very easy to let the tough work that the window washers do, go unnoticed in our cities and towns, yet the task which window washers perform is one that keeps our businesses and homes looking great. Most types of cleaning services are things which could be done by the owner or occupant of the building, but not window cleaning. There are very few people who could strap a lift to the side of a building and work on windows that tower hundreds of feet above the ground. If not for the window cleaners out there, clean glass would be a rare phenomenon indeed. In this brief article we talk about what being a window cleaner involves in order to better educate the public on this topic which is very important although it receives little recognition.

Having your windows cleaned today is as easy as visiting a site like,, and booking a cleaning for whenever you like, but things were not always that simple. In the olden days, before window washers began to form larger window unions and window cleaning agencies, a company had to have a special certificate issued which stated that the window washer they hired was insured by their company or by the private owner of a building. Window washers were in high demand, but the certificates that were required in order to legally hire a window washer, were in thin supply. Modern window cleaners have their own insurance to cover them on the job, as most states require them to carry it.

Another interesting tidbit concerning window washers is that they are currently the best paid manual labor force in the country. A ten story building with traditional windows takes around eight hours to clean, and the national average for window washers is fifty dollars an hour for the lift operator and 45 for the window washer. So, having the windows cleaned is not cheap, and the people that work in the window washing industry do well for themselves. Unlike other types of labor, window washers are required to hold several certifications which must be renewed every two years. As we have already mentioned, in most states a window washer has to have his own insurance in order to work, and that insurance can´t be obtained if the worker doesn’t have his certificates in order. Safety training programs are given every two years in order to make sure the window washer is up to date with all the newest safety protocol. Thanks to the strict safety requirements that window cleaners have to follow, the job of being a window washer is now as safe as most others, whereas in the past it was ranked as one of the most dangerous jobs in the country.

The last fun fact about window washers we have for you today is that contrary to popular belief, window washers don’t just use soap or window cleaner when they work, in fact, they use a special, industrial window cleaner that is not even sold in stores. The average building only has its windows cleaned once a month, so the cleaning has to leave the windows as clear as crystals.