Reading Through How To Grow Cannabis Book

It’s almost March but spring is nowhere in sight. I contemplate my options as I start my day with a cup of hot chocolate on this cold morning. I absently flip through How To Grow Cannabis Book as I assess my life in the last ten years.

I have just turned thirty last month, and I have nothing to show for it other than a less than stellar career, a bad breakup that was just a matter of when from the time it started, some savings, a car, and one vacation on a shoestring budget to Cuba because it was cheap and it was hot over there. I thought I should make changes, real and significant changes in my life before it completely passes me by without me noticing it.

Three A Light

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There has always been a yearning to find that perfect opportunity to do something I love for a change. In the past, I have always made my choice of career based on the offer, because for me, money may not buy happiness but it does give us a lot of options and less cause for worry. I have always wanted to work in the fashion industry, whether it’s a publication, a designer house or in media that focuses on it. I want to work where there is a chance for women to be empowered. I can write, do sales, or organize events. But my big break must have turned a different corner because I completely missed it years ago when I had the chance to be in New York for a couple of months.

I also need to go on a vacation, alone or with someone, somewhere in the tropics where it is warm and the heat is anesthesia for the weary soul like mine. I want that freedom from any care or worries and just sip my pina colada as I gaze at the expanse of the blue sea in front of me.

I need to do something now, while I am still young, and not broke.

I drop the Marijuana growing guide to the floor and get online to shop for great deals in travel. My plans of growing Marijuana indoors would be stalled, perhaps. I would love to go to Africa, but it’s not a place for someone who is alone explore its secrets and sightsee those large cats who are not house trained. I saw two possibilities, one is in Koh Samui in Thailand, and another is in Palawan in the Philippines. Thailand seems more friendly because of the price. It’s so cheap that I suspect we’re going to be tied to the wings of the aircraft and they’ll just throw food at me! I have just approved a purchase, so there! There’s no turning back.

Next on the agenda is to find myself a job that I would love more than lazy Sunday mornings. Fat chance of that happening, but I can at least try. I have seen one prospective job and sent my CV. The sun is already beating down on our part of the world, maybe I can take a break from the rest of the world. There is so much reality waiting for me in the coming days.