Requirements for Getting Marijuana Delivered to You

With the legalization of medical marijuana in a number of states in the US came different pot stores selling their products. Thousands of these stores are fully licensed to dispense marijuana and cannabis products to the public, but there are a few that still lacks a permit from the government. There are many marijuana dispensaries out there but some people aren’t really willing to go out and buy from these dispensaries personally maybe for fear of being judged by people. There might also be people unlucky to not have any nearby marijuana dispensaries in their area. Fortunately, you can already have marijuana delivered to your house through a marijuana delivery service.

Marijuana Delivery Service

medical cannabis delivery

So let’s say you want to have some medical marijuana delivered to you, but what are the requirements? Well here we are going to talk about what you will need so that you can have some marijuana delivered right to you so you won’t have to go out to buy some in the dispensaries.

First off, you will obviously need a residency in a state or area where medical marijuana has been made legal. In the United States there are twenty three states that have made the medical use of marijuana legal while a couple more others have legalized its recreational use.

Other than your residency in a medical marijuana legal state, you will also need to have a prescription that you can use medical marijuana as of the moment. The signup actually differs between states and you can find fees for fifteen dollars but go as high as two hundred dollars to get a green card. But wherever you are residing, you will still need to get a note from a doctor, not your doctor, a doctor. When you get a note from them, you will then be able to apply for a green card which you can then use to buy medical marijuana and avail for the marijuana delivery.

As of now, the delivery of marijuana is still being taken into consideration by many states. There are states that have allowed it while there are those that have banned it. It is important that you check with your state. You won’t find that many marijuana delivery services unless you are someone who is rich and famous then there will always be a certain service that is willing to cater.

There are states that have legalized medical marijuana and the selling of it in marijuana dispensaries but still ban the delivery of marijuana. You might also find some states that don’t really allow marijuana delivery service but don’t mind if they are brought to you through other courier services.

Before you attempt to have some marijuana delivered to your home, it is important that you do your research and fully make sure that it is legal for you to have marijuana delivered to your home. If not, then you may be really forced to go out to the dispensaries to buy your medical marijuana. In the end, you get to enjoy your weed.