Swat Environmental: Preventing Radon in a Home

radon reductionThere are a number of substances that we have to be on the lookout for in our homes. These can be carbon monoxide or even radon, a less known gas that can cause allĀ  manner of health issues. Radon gas is created when radium particles decay, which can enter your home and make you sick if exposed to it for a long period of time. There are companies that offer radon abatement services, and most of them tell you that the easiest way of dealing with radon is preventing it from entering into your home in the first place. They have some suggestions as to how you can do this.

  • Cracks: If there are cracks in your walls or in your foundation, then radon can easily get into your property. This is especially true if you have a basement. The best thing you can do is to go through the house inspecting and looking for cracks or chips and you are sure to lower the amount of radon in your home. If you do find any, plaster them correctly or have an expert do it for you.
  • Check Bare Earth: If you have a crawlspace in your home, it can be very important that you check it for radon. Radon gas forms very easily in exposed earth. You want to check your yard and any undergrounds spaces you may have. Radon can seep in through gaps in the foundation of the house and infiltrate your living spaces.
  • Pipe Fittings: Another way that radon gets into your home is if the pipe fittings are loose. This does not allow the seal you want to prevent these kinds of substances, making it important that you check each pipe if you need radon mitigation help.
  • Water Supply: Sometimes radon can make it into your home through your water supply. If you have a well and use the water or if you have water that was contaminated by radon particles, you could have an issue with radon in the water. You should test a sample of water from your faucets or shower to make sure that the levels are not high. If they are, you should consider treating the well water or ground water that you have access to. Treating water does not take a long time and with the right company it does not have to be expensive.

Radon gas is a harmful substance that can cause lung cancer and all manner of breathing difficulties if it is breathed in for too long. Preventing radon issues can help save you time and the hassle of hiring a professional radon reduction expert, so you should take the time to learn about what the process of testing your home involves. With the right company on your side, you will be able to much better prepare for any levels of radon in your property. Call a company like Swat Environmental to see if they can provide the quality services you and your family deserve to keep your home safe.