Very interestingly, craft beer halls have not always been as fancy as they are today. The first major difference between the craft beer hall of the past and what they have now become is that beer halls used to be cheap neighborhood locations where working people would come to eat at the end of the day. Craft beer used to be less popular than it now is, and what was considered craft beer in the olden days was just beer that a craft beer hall made itself. In fact, before the craft beer craze of the 80’s, it was very common for restaurants and bars to make their own beers in order to save money, and boost profits. Beer halls would serve only one or two types of beers, usually a light and dark beer. The food served in yesterday’s beer halls was also very different from what we see in beer halls today. Locations like,, have made a name for themselves by coupling together fine craft beer and fine dining, but in olden times the food served in a beer hall was simple and cheap. There were also no bar foods in older beer halls, just simple meals. People didn’t visit the beer halls in the past in order to have fun, as much as to fill their bellies after as heard day’s work. Another difference that sets yesterday’s craft beer and eatery apart from those of today is that past beer halls were rarely visited by the whole family, in fact it was once very uncommon to even see a woman in them. Women in the past didn’t drink much beer, as it was seen an unladylike, so they had no reason to go to a beer hall. If the whole family went out to eat it would have been more typical for them to visit a normal restaurant than a beer hall.

Having looked back at where beer halls have been, let’s see where they are going. The beer hall of the future is going to have more types of beer than we can imagine. If the current trend keeps up, beer halls will just keep adding more and more kinds of beer to their beer lists. People want options these days, and it may soon be that twenty or thirty different types of beer just aren’t enough to keep customers satisfied. Beer companies might even start selling their beer in smaller cans and bottles in order to make it possible for restaurants and beer halls to keep larger stocks of different beers. In the future, beer halls will be as common as fast food restaurants are today. With the massive popularity of craft beer, it is very likely that craft beer chains will start opening up all over the country. Whenever you have a business idea that is as popular as a beer hall, it is hard for it to not turn into something huge. In Chicago there is already one beer hall owner who has twelve locations in the city, and there are plans to expand even further.