There are corporate and worker levels of advantages with shared office space

There are so many advantages to being involved with a shared office work space that it’s hard to list them all in once place.  All parties involved in this new trend are getting in at the right time and finding themselves a step above the rest.  Those involve workers, employers, corporations, and even commercial real estate brokers.

From a corporate standpoint, a virtual office or shared space office does not incur the same amount and type of costs that a traditional leased office does.  Especially with virtual offices, there is no landscaping to maintain or elevators to inspect, no furniture to dust or carpets to vacuum.  Also, certain employment expenses like insurance are lower or nonexistent because most employees are freelance or independent contractors.  From the viewpoint of the commercial real estate broker, sometimes the space required for a shared office is larger than normal, but the amenities that are involved attract much more workers, which makes the costs even out.

Speaking of the workers, they seem to make out the most from this scenario.  Shared office spaces, like the one offered by Office Evolution Greenwood Village, are tailored to the independent worker.  It just so happens that the space is also a great fit for a variety of other types of people that are self-employed or contracted out by a larger company.  A shared office can be rented by the rate of choice of the worker.  If you just need a place to pop in for a few hours, that’s all you pay for.  If you know you will need a space to write and interact with other people to get the brainstorming going, you can pay ahead for a few days a week.  Or, you can rent a virtual office space, which gives your home office an actual address complete with land line, answering service, and a mailbox.

Shared office spaces have blown up in the last decade, making them now almost more popular than traditional office settings.  So much of the work that gets done these days is shared officeonline, so telecommuting or coworking is a good fit.  Only the much larger companies have the money and required capacity to rent out entire floors, suites, or office buildings for their employees.  The rest do just fine working from home or even at a coffee shop.  The benefits for all parties involved are vast and growing by the day.  And with the steady incline in popularity of this type of work setting, the spaces are becoming more affordable and more trendy.  I bet most traditional offices can’t boast of their pool table or full employee kitchen.  These are added perks that you would never expect with a desk job for any random company.  But when you utilize shared office space, you enjoy perks like free coffee, free parking, an free wifi on top of it all.  And in the long run, it’s much cheaper for an employer to pay the share office site for the use of those perks than to provide it themselves.