Things to Inquire with Your Wedding Caterer

Planning a wedding can be quite the challenge. You have a lot to think about, the dress for the bride, the flowers and how they will be arranged, the venue, and so much more. But we must also think about what comes after the bridge and groom say their vows. Think about the food that you will be serving to your guests during the wedding reception. Couples will always go for wedding caterers that have delicious food, provides all the needed service, and is easy to work with. But with so many great wedding caterers available, how can you tell which one to pick for your wedding? Well to make the decision easier, it is best to talk with them and inquire some stuff to help you get an idea of their services.

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First, you should take note of the services that the wedding caterer will provide with the quote that they have provided you. With this, you will be able to know what you are getting for the price that you will be paying. You should look beyond the food that they are going to serve you and check the other services like the table sides, the appetizers that will be passed out, the wine and water service, and more. Although these seem like small aspects of the entire meal, they can actually influence the experience your guests have.

Now once you have an idea of the services that are included with the caterer, it is time for you to take note of the services that will not be included. Yes it is important to know what you are getting for the price you are paying, but it is also essential to know what you aren’t paying for, services like the serving and cutting of the cake, or the champagne pouring when toasting, or providing coffee may not be part of the quote. If there are services that are not included with the quote but you want provided, you should talk about it with the wedding caterer and possibly remove some of the services you don’t need. But when you are adding services, expect a higher price.

The next thing you should talk about with the wedding caterer is the ingredients that they will be using with the food. Although it may seem insignificant, it can actually affect the price in a big way. Are you willing to pay a high price for ingredients that are really carefully sourced? If not, then you can inform your wedding caterer that they don’t need to use premium ingredients which can really cost more than regular ones. But if you are willing to pay some extra, then go. You may even find that the food will seem really delicious.

Finally, you should learn about their server to guest ratio. Different caterers may have different server to guest ratios but that doesn’t really mean that one is better than the other. The more servers there will be, the faster food will be served, but if you are going to have a self service reception, then you will be better off with fewer servers.