1. If you have become over reliant on painkillers than you might want to talk with your doctor about the possibility of having a back pain surgery. In major back pain clinics such as,, the leading cause for patients seeking back surgery today is that they are attempting to distance themselves from the use of painkillers. There is an epidemic of painkiller abuse going on in this country today, and one of the leading reasons why people become addicted to painkillers is because they started using them to treat back pain. While painkillers are a very important tool for people who suffer from back pain, they should never be taken for more than a few months at a time, as they can quickly become a habit that is hard to get rid of. Back specialist all across the nation are attempting to direct their patients away from the use of painkillers by having them undergo back pain surgery in order to permanently eliminate their back issues. Anyone who has been taking painkillers for longer than three months should talk with their back pain specialist about the possibility of having a surgical operation in order to reduce their dependence on painkillers. Back pain surgery has given millions of people across the globe a way to eliminate back pain from their lives, and eliminate the need for pills. It is important for people taking pain medication to remember that the use of pills for treating back Pain is only a temporary solution and that after a while the pain caused by back issues will only get worse if they do not find a longer lasting solution. Over time people taking pills stop benefiting from pain relief, and instead begin to rely on the pills they take because their body needs them. Back pain treatment which relies on pills is quickly becoming obsolete as more and more doctors are becoming aware of the dangers involved from the long term use of painkillers.
  2. Anyone who has a spine problem should talk to their doctor about treating it with a surgery. Spine issues tend to be more serious than other types of back problems, and most of the time problems with the spine will eventually require surgical intervention. The tricky thing about spine issues is that unlike other back problems, the pain caused by problems with the spine can get progressively worse over time, so the need for surgery is not only more important than it would be when dealing with other conditions, it is much more urgent as well.
  3. People suffering from loss of sleep due to back pain are excellent candidates for surgery. One of the first questions that a back specialist is going to ask his patients is if they suffer from sleep problems because of their back pain. The only way to recover normal sleep patterns in patients with serious back problems is often though surgery. Sleep medications may help back pain sufferers to fall asleep, yet they only mask the problem that is causing the issue in the first place, and therefore should be avoided.