Veneers are a great option when you visit your cosmetic dentist.

Sometimes, your teeth aren’t quite in the right position or shape, yet they are not in such a bad state that they need braces. This is the case for a lot of people, and when you’re in this position, you might not be certain the best course of action to take. You’ll want to make sure that you are taking good care of your teeth, but you might not be sure what exactly to do to solve the problem of misshapen or oddly spaced teeth. The good news is that there is a cosmetic dentistry solution to your ailments. While Invisalign braces might be an option in some cases, many people will choose instead of have dental veneers placed over their teeth. What are veneers, you might ask? Veneers are like slip covers for your teeth. They are made of a ceramic material and easily slip right over your teeth to provide you with a tooth like appearance and reshaping the tooth in the process. Veneers can provide you with that bright, beautiful smile you’ve been looking for while also filling in gaps and reshaping teeth in a way that allows you to feel more comfortable in your own skin. There are so many reasons why you might look into veneers as an option to solve your cosmetic dentistry problems. Before you begin, talk to the team at RiverFront Dental Designs about what your cosmetic dentistry needs are. They will be able to guide you in the right direction to get the solutions you’ve been looking for! Here are a few reasons people choose dental veneers:

  • Stained or damaged teeth: Maybe you have teeth in your set that are damaged or discolored past the point where whitening will do any good. You might not be at a http://www.riverfrontdentaldenver.complace where an implant is the solution, and a veneer can be a good alternative. By covering the tooth, you not only solve the discoloration problems, but you can also feel in any dents or bumps that have developed.
  • Slightly turned teeth: Many people find themselves with teeth that are slightly turned one direction or another. Maybe the teeth are in good shape, but the positioning of the tooth leaves them in a tricky position. While you might not want braces or aligners, you might be in a place where a veneers can solve your problems. A veneer’s slip cover like nature can not only fill in missing pieces and parts, but can also help your tooth move into the desired position.

Veneers can last for up to fifteen years, and are really the perfect solution for teeth that are just not quite what you are hoping for. When you talk to your cosmetic dentist, talk to them about your dental dreams so they know what you are hoping for with veneers. They will help you identify the teeth that should be covered and the end goal of your veneers. When you help to support teeth that are damaged, you’ll help your whole smile as well!