What it is like after Getting a Facelift

People who get a facelift be it a mini facelift or a standard facelift have to undergo a surgical process which involves making cuts in the skin of the patient. Just like any other surgery, the patient will have to rest and go through a recovery process while the skin is healing itself. The choice of going to get a Denver facelift is a big decision since this can really change how you look. It is kind of scary thinking that your face will look a lot different even if it does look better. There isn’t much pain during the process since you will be given anesthetics, but the question one can asks, “What is it like after you get the facelift?”

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facelift process

Now a facelift is actually quite a complex process and the person performing it, which is the cosmetic surgeon, must have great skills in surgery. After getting the facelift, one can expect to be able to do his normal daily activities two weeks after the date of going through the surgery.

If you are someone who exercises and goes to the gym, then you will have to wait an additional two weeks making the total of four weeks of waiting before one can engage in sports and workouts again. Now these recovery times are for a standard facelift which means the time of recovery of a mini facelift is shorter than that.

Due to the fact that our bodies heal differently, you must talk with the surgeon and he will guided you on when you can actually go back to your activities and what you should do to take care of your skin during the recovery process.

One of the most common questions that facelift patients have is when their face will look presentable after going through the Denver facelift. It isn’t easy trying to hide the scars you bear after the facelift unlike cosmetic surgery in other areas of the body which can be covered with clothing. When you do get a facelift, expect to have bruises and swells around the areas which will look their worst two days after the process. After that time, you will find that the bruises will disappear and the swells will start to recede.

Around ten to fourteen days after going through the surgery you will find that the ugly side effects like the swells and bruises won’t be that visible anymore. But even after just seven days, many people regain the confidence to go back outside even if the facelift is still going through the healing process. Just avoid wearing some makeup to camouflage the side effects until your cosmetic surgeon gives the green light.

Over time, when you are starting to go back to your normal daily activities after getting a Denver facelift, make sure that you protect your face from the harsh sunlight. One of the side effects of getting a facelift is that the skin will become very susceptible to sun burns and exposing the scars to sunlight can hinder their healing process.