What you Should Ask your Wedding Caterer

Planning a wedding is no small task. Trust me, I have been there before. One of the most important people you should be working with when planning your wedding is the wedding caterer. Without one, how are you going to be able to serve food to your guests and provide other needed services? But there are so many available caterers out there and their services can also vary. How are you going to be able to properly choose which wedding caterer is right for your wedding? Well you should talk with several caterers and ask a set of questions to get a proper idea of their service. Doing so will make it easier to choose. Let’s go through the questions that you should be asking.

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Let’s say that you have already been provided with the quote and know what services come with that price. The first question you should be asking the wedding caterer is if they have already catered to a wedding in your venue. It will really be a great help if the caterer already has experience with that place and know how to move around and properly serve your guests in the place. However, if they haven’t catered in the venue especially if the venue is somewhere special, you should discuss with them what their plan for setting up and serving is. Cooperate with them on this by showing them the space and how the space is to be utilized.

The next thing you should be asking them is how the food will be prepared and serve during the actual day. There are caterers that will do the cooking in their own kitchen and simply bring the cooked food to the venue of the reception. There are also those that just do simple preparations in the kitchen and then does the cooking at the site which can help stimulate your guests’ appetite. However, you should also know that if the food will be cooked at the venue you will have to pay more compared to simply having the food transported there in heating containers. There are certain foods that work the cheaper way, but there are also foods that are best served fresh cooked.

Now before you will talk with the caterer, check with the venue what they can provide like the chairs, tables, clothing, utensils, and more. Once you get an idea with what they can provide you, you can try asking your caterer if they can handle the other rentals for stuff that you still need. If they will be the ones who will handle the rentals, they will just add the extra cost to the quote that they provided you.

Finally, the last thing you should ask the wedding caterer is how many weddings they have catered to in the past. Now if the caterer is still new, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work with them for your wedding. You might be surprised with the fresh service they can provide, and in addition to that, you will be paying smaller costs because they are still new to the service.