There are a lot of good reasons why people and companies have begun using magnetic labels instead of other forms of labeling in recent years, some of which are very obvious, others may come as somewhat of a surprise. At any rate, the use of magnetic labeling has reached new levels of popularity over the last few years which has caused a number of new companies to start selling magnetic labeling systems for all sorts of different purposes. One of the new leading makers of magnetic labels, www.labelmagnets.com, has shared with us the leading reasons for why their new client have decided to make the switch to magnetic labels. Below we briefly review the reasons for the spike in use of magnetic labels and magnetics strip systems.

The vast majority of clients that have made the switch to magnetic labels have done so in order to cut down on waste. Going green is one of the leading concerns of any company operating in the USA today. Not only is public perception of companies which have not cut down on waste very low, there are also now financial motives as to why companies must try and create less garbage. The majority of state governments offer tax refunds to companies which are able to reduce their amount of waste by 10% or more, and there are even those states which have placed into action new codes which allow the state to fine a company if they don’t cut down on their waste. Magnetic strips can be used to replace traditional labeling systems in shops and offices for all sorts of different filing and labeling needs, and that alone can help cut down on the amount of garbage that the company generates by a great deal. Magnetic labeling systems only need to be created once; afterwards they can be switched from one place to another without generating huge amounts of paper waster which traditional labeling systems tend to create. The move towards less wasteful business practices has been one of the leading reasons for the recent increase in the popularity of magnetic labeling systems.

Many public school systems have started to implement policies which require the schools to use magnetic labels in order to organize teacher filing, mark student items and more. The school system has been searching for a low cost method of labelling for years now, and it has finally found one which works. The use of labels is far a better way of marking things in a school because labels are almost impossible for students to deface, and the constant changing of children through the school system means that labels will often need to be changed, something which markers and other forms of labeling didn’t allow for with ease. Teachers can also benefit with magnetic labels because the magnetic labels allow them to keep their student records with less writing and erasing each time a student comes or goes. With nearly two thousand public schools already on the magnetic label system, the industry is getting a lot of new demand.